Harvesting krill for QRILL Aqua

By Tone Laila Solstad, November 17, 2017

All Qrill Aqua products origin from the pristine waters of the Antarctica. Here our vessels are harvesting krill in a beautiful landscape and special scenery. Doing the fishery right in all aspects is of essence, such as treating the scenery we work in with respect. Get a glimpse into the krill fishery of Aker BioMarine.


Krill naturally live in oceans all over the world, but can be found in huge swarms only in the icy cold waters of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. Here they are harvested from the wild and this is where the krill fishing industry has developed. The Antarctic krill is called Euphausia Superba and is one of the most abundant species on earth, with an estimated biomass of around 500 million tons.


A fully transparent Antarctic krill harvesting operation

Qrill Aqua products can all be traced back to these waters, as Aker BioMarine has a transparent harvesting operation. Onboard our trawlers a GPD system makes it possible to trace where the krill is caught.  In addition, a fully transparent value chain stretches from the fishery through the Montevideo logistics hub and all the way to customers around the world. This enables us to ensure the highest quality in our krill products for the aqua industry.


Want to see a 1 minute film on krill fishing in Antarctica? Watch below:


Having Antarctic krill fishery as a job

When being a part of krill fishery, the workplace is not at all boring. With long periods of living in the Antarctica with its beautiful surroundings, it also includes rough weathers and demanding fishing conditions – doing the fishery right in all aspects is of essence. 


“Several days away from civilization, you are doing 12 hours shifts in the wheelhouse from morning to evening. In harsh conditions one are navigating and fishing with Norway´s largest and most advanced fishing vessels. Even so, I must admit that having Antarctica´s magnificent wildlife, views, sunrise and sunset, has been a huge factor for always wanting to come back.” 

Frank Grebstad

Former Captain of Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea


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QRILL Aqua is a sustainable ingredient

Our focus is on providing the best product while preserving the special environment we are working in. Aker BioMarine is recognized for environmentally responsible krill harvesting and processing. Even before deploying the first fishing net, we entered into dialogue with WWF to ensure the sustainability of the fishery. It has been a great priority every step of the way; from the crew developing eco-friendly technology (Eco-Harvesting) and endorsing sustainable fishing practices to facilitating research on the Antarctic Ecosystem.


The total allowable catch of krill is around1% of the biomass. However only 0.3% of the biomass of krill is being caught annually. Aker BioMarine is taking about 60% of that catch. The krill fishery has received an “A” rating from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership for having a biomass that is in very good condition.


Want to learn more about the sustainability of the fishery? Download brochure:

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