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In the sections below, find you favorite topic on krill from International media.

Hot topics

Feed cost efficiency, sustainability and U.S. FDA approval

Krill - What are costs versus benefits for fish feed manufacturers

Article from International Aquafeed February 2022

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What makes a sustainable feed

World Fishing & Aquaculture Magazine 

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FDA approves krill aquafeeds for US salmon industry

Article from The Fish Site June 2022

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Scientists suggest krill meal is key to obtain cost-effective and nutrient-rich shrimp feed formulations

Article from Aquaculture Magazine December 2022
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Krill and shrimp feed

Selection of articles on krill used in shrimp feed formulas.

The thrill of krill

Article from Aquaculture Asia Pacific January& February 2022

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The future of India's aquaculture sector depends on sustainable feed ingredients

Article from Aquaculture Spectrum April 2022

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Shrimp grow stronger and healthier with krill meal in the feed

Article from Asia Pacific Magazine May 2022

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Feeding the global shrimp industry

Article from International Aquafeed August 2022

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Krill and fish feed

Selection of articles on krill used in feed for salmonids and marine species

Krill improves larvae seabream survival according to new study

New study confirms krill meal improves health and performance of salmonids