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We are dedicated to science, researching the effects of krill on humans, pets, farmed fish and shrimp. Across species, krill is proven to have beneficial traits for health and performance.


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Krill in feed for marine species

What fish eat is of great importance for their health. Feeds containing krill give many benefits and solve challenges faced in aqua culture. Check out this film to learn about krill in different life stages.

Challenges for shrimp feed

The continued growth of aquaculture has increased the need for sustainable ingredients in shrimp feed. Krill is a sustainable feed attractant which provides omega-3 phospholipids and proteins. Learn more by watching this film.

The many benefits of krill in salmon feed

Check out this video to see exactly how krill impact salmon appetite, health and fillet quality and learn more about the mechanisms leading to it.

Is krill harvesting sustainable?

From the sustainable fisheries in Antarctic waters, through processing and logistics, to delivering products to customers around the world. As a producer and supplier of marine ingredients, our daily responsibility is to improve people’s health without compromising the health of our planet and its oceans.

"I am the Antarctic krill"

I know that quality is never an accident. Beginning on the inside. Working its way out. It is in the color. It is in the texture. The purest and most natural of proteins and omega-3 phospholipids.

Aker BioMarine - a part of Aker Group

This is where we come from. It has made us into who we are. Aker BioMarine is a part of the Aker Group. Watch this film to learn more about our legacy.

AstaOmega survival trial on shrimp juveniles

In a recent scientific trial, AstaOmega Oil was tested on shrimp (P. Vannamei) juveniles. 4 different dosages, 30 days - see how it goes in this video.

What Alex Sushi and their customers want from salmon

The well renowned Alex Sushi in Oslo, Norway tested salmon fed on krill. Here are their thoughts and what they need from the salmon they use for the best sushi in town.

Fascinating facts about krill

Krill is for sure fascinating! We asked colleagues around the world on their thoughts. Don't miss this short video to see.