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Find below our brochures and whitepaperes on krill for aquaculture. 

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Find below our brochures and whitepapers on krill for aquaculture.


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Benefits for Fish Farming: Krill Research and Documentation

Aker BioMarine embraces research and documentation on the effects of krill feed inclusion. In this booklet, we have gathered several studies that seek to ensure and understand the advantages and mechanisms of dietary krill inclusion in fish diets.

Benefits for Shrimp Farming: Research and Documentation

Aker BioMarine embraces research and documentation on the effects of krill freed inclusion. Several studies were performed to ensure and understand the advantages and mechanisms of dietary krill meal inclusion in shrimp diets. Take a look at all of the studies in our booklet.

Cost-effective shrimp diets with krill

This whitepaper is a technical review of how feed formulators can limit the use of expensive raw materials and lower cost using krill as a functional additive.

Salmonids review study

The study published by Aquaculture Nutrition concludes that Antarctic krill products have a positive impact on the feed intake, growth performance, fillet quality and organ health in salmonids, based on more than a decade of well-documented scientific studies and experimentation.

Krill proves effective for growth in sea bass

The research was prompted by the increased focus on the sustainability of the raw materials in fish diets, as the aquaculture sector seeks alternative ingredients to substitute or supplement increasingly scarce and costly fishmeal, without sacrificing the health and development of the fish.

Enhancing growth and health for olive flounder juveniles

Download our whitepaper and learn more about: Boosting the innate immune system of olive juvenile flounders. Some of the benefits of Antarctic Krill is enhanced digestibility and increased body weight.

A highly attractive feeding stimulant for shrimp diets

To reach economic success in shrimp farming, maximal feed consumption with minimal feed waste is essential. High feed intake and growth depend on a diet that is nutritionally suitable and stimulates special sensory cells (chemoreceptors). This study by Nunes et al., 2019 compares different marine feed attractants.

Applications of Astaxanthin Krill Oil in Shrimp Diets

The beneficial effects of astaxanthin krill oil and how it can be used in high performance shrimp feed is summarized in this whitepaper.

Where there's a krill, there's a way

A better understanding of nutrient requirements of shrimp has renewed the interest to look for alternative feeds and supplements that boost shrimp production and quality. Krill meal is uniquely suitable to meet those challenges.

Fundamental salmon study

Study shows mechanisms behind known krill effects The study that was published in British journal of Nutrition revealed positive effects on salmon welfare and fillet quality.

AstaOmega Oil brochure

QRILL Aqua AstaOmega Oil is an all-natural specialty performance supplement made from Antarctic krill. Rich in astaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids, it can help to optimize shrimp diets and thereby delivering maximal growth performance.

Environmental Product Declaration

We continually work to reduce our environmental footprint. This standardized EPD, Environmental Product Declaration, calculates the environmental impact or our QRILL meal production.