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From triathletes to athletes of the sea - how nutrition elevates performance across species

This webinar highlights how nutrition plays a vital role in any winning strategy, whether it is to achieve a gold medal in the Norseman Xtreme triathlon or for the improved health and performance of farmed fish – the athletes of the sea. The biological mechanisms supporting human and animal performance might be more similar than you think, and krill is an important nutrient for all of us.

Designing health and welfare promoting recipes for winning dogs, farmed fish and shrimp – across species benefits of krill

All species have cell membranes that benefit from dietary krill meal and thereby omega-3 fatty acid supplementation that lay the basis for optimized performance and health. Whether designing a winning feed for farmed fish, shrimp or long-distance racing dogs, science shows that krill can be a key contributor.

Atlantic Salmon and Antarctic Krill - From Science to Chef’s Table

In this salmon webinar Dr. Turid Mørkøre (Nofima) explains the main scientific results of a Funadmental study on salmon published i 2020 and Thea Sandberg, CEO of award-winning Alex Sushi, describes how these results translate into excellent salmon fillet quality in her restaurant.

Antarctic krill meal as a cost-effective key performance driver in shrimp feeds

Production efficiency is vital to maintain cost level and profitability in shrimp farming. Krill meal optimizes formula costs by sparing costly-ingredients and critical nutrients. Krill meal is a strong feed attractant significantly enhancing shrimp growth and FCR. 

Krill meal a sustainable ingredient for marine fish feed

njoy this 15 min webinar with Dr. Tibiabin Benitez-Santana where she explains about the nutritional aspects of krill and sciense studies on Nile Tilapa and Seabass.