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Qrill Aqua, krill Science.pngAker BioMarine has been involved in more studies concerning Antarctic krill health benefits than any other company. Our strong in-house scientific team also provides effective documentation of the health and nutrition benefits of our products. Scientific projects across our product lines are always underway, and we collaborate with universities and partners to advance krill-related science. We want our customers to succeed and grow as a result of our support, which includes lending our expertise and initiating collaboration projects.



Aker BioMarine invites Open Innovation partners

Aker BioMarine appreciates and supports academic institutions and companies who want to conduct quality investigations of krill material in Open Innovation projects. Our Open Innovation Program is focused on researchers who want to create new innovations for delivery, such as combination products and new formulations.


Aker BioMarine has a skilled team of 17 scientists (11 PhDs) with knowledge and expertise in various aspects of laboratory work, preparation of scientific and regulatory strategies, and in understanding of the chemistry and pharmacology of krill components. To further leverage, our unique resource and large research team, we welcome Open Innovation partners to expand the knowledge and amount of research on our krill products. Our internal capabilities are complemented by longstanding relationships with esteemed researchers worldwide. Our scientific team is available to offer advice to interested partners on all aspects of research with the aim to ensure the highest quality and efficiency of future investigations and innovations.


What do we offer Open Innovation partners?
  • Initial meeting/consultation - sharing our experience and knowledge in krill/omega-3 phospholipid research
  • Supply of material for study (krill-derived materials) and new product development
  • Scientific input on protocols/study plans for farmed animals (fish, shrimp, chicken, etc.), including development and characterization of:

– hypotheses

– population, size, and dosing regimens

– endpoints and assessment methods

– exclusion and inclusion criteria

– statistical analysis plan

– advice/comments and preparation of manuscripts


  • Ability to develop new patents
  • Resource sharing for developing unique end-product concepts and initial commercialization
  • Continuous support and consulting as well as information sharing
  • Resource sharing for developing unique end-product concepts and initial commercialization


What do we expect from research partners?
  • Well-designed studies
  • Continuous quality control and cooperation with study monitors, if assigned
  • Transparency


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