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QRILL Aqua at Aqua Nor 2023: Unveiling krill’s role in fish nutrition

Blog overview

The aquaculture event of the year, Aqua Nor, is right around the corner, on 22-24 August in Trondheim, Norway. With participants from around the globe, Aqua Nor is where leaders and experts from across the industry gather to discuss the future of fish farming.


Aker BioMarine’s Dr. Kiran Kaur, Director R&D for Fish Health & Nutrition, is a featured speaker at Aqua Nor this year. She plans to take her audience on a deep dive into the advantages of incorporating krill meal for enhanced nutrient utilization and growth in young gilthead seabream.

“Aquaculture, a rapidly growing industry, holds the potential to meet increasing protein demands.” – explains Dr. Kaur, “However, costly feed poses a challenge. To support the sustainable expansion of aquaculture, sustainable raw materials enhancing aquafeed quality are needed. Krill, a functional & sustainable marine source, exemplifies this. I'll talk about our recent Aqua Excel 3.0-funded trial, in collaboration with the University of Las Palmas, where including krill meal in gilthead seabream feed demonstrated improved nutrient utilization and growth. Additionally, I'll discuss krill meal's impact on fish omega-3 levels under stress.”

  • Catch Kaur’s session on August 23 at 10:20 CET in the ‘Dronning Maud’ conference room.


QRILL Aqua has a great team onsite throughout the conference that would be thrilled to meet up and discuss anything and everything related to krill and aquaculture. 


In addition to Dr. Kaur’s presentation, Aker BioMarine leaders will be available throughout Aqua Nor, with plans to engage with industry peers on topics such as sustainability and ensuring fish nutrition throughout all life stages. Both Sigve Nordrum, Aker BioMarine’s EVP Animal Health & Nutrition, and Maja Bævre-Jensen, Business Development Director for QRILL Aqua, will be present at the conference.


“Aqua Nor is a key event for us at Aker BioMarine, and we see fish nutrition and feed ingredients as increasingly in the spotlight among the industry. We are excited to contribute to the dialogue on this topic, talking about the need for more sustainable raw materials for feed producers, as well as the role of krill in creating more better outcomes for farmers,” says Sigve Nordrum.


Maja Bævre-Jensen adds, “Aqua Nor is the industry’s most important meeting place, and we are excited to gather with both current and potential customers, as we discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead in this growing industry. Aqua Nor is an opportunity for all to learn more about emerging trends and get firsthand feedback on what’s critical to farmers right now. The insight we gain here is invaluable.”


In addition we have Karen Kirstine Østerhus, Marianne Nergaard, Thomas Wærner, Ragnhild Dragøy, Bjørn Wallentin onsite, so don't miss the chance to talk to us. If interested, the best place to start send us an email here Contact us.

QRILL Aqua at Aqua Nor