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  • Improved feed update and faster growth

  • Improved disease resistance
  • Increased survival rates

In aquaculture diets, QRILL Aqua acts as a feeding stimulant that increases feed uptake and enhances growth in marine fish species. QRILL Aqua feed applications have been proven to strengthen the health and improve survival rates at the larval and juvenile stage. Furthermore, the digestive system is functioning better and the utilization of lipids are higher, reducing incidence of intestinal absorptive cells injuries

The addition of dietary QRILL Aqua leads to a lower lipid deposition in marine fish larvae and juveniles liver cells, suggesting an enhanced mobilization of liver lipids. Inclusion of krill meal in diets for larvae and juveniles, has been claimed to improve dietary lipid utilization. Moreover, krill phospholipids are found to increase the transport of liver lipids by increasing the synthesis of lipoproteins. Dietary krill phospholipids protect marine fish from fatty intestine and intestinal cell injuries, and therefore improving fish health.

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Larvae and juveniles

Phospholipid benefits 

Phospholipids are an important source of energy and building blocks during embryonic and early larval development.

They give benefits as:

  • Better growth
  • Increased stress resistance and survival rates
  • Boost skeletal mineralization
  • Reduce chance for malformation
  • Better digestive system
  • Improved health