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AquaSur -Sustainability and Science Updates on Krill to be Unveiled

Blog overview

Learn more from the QRILL™ Aqua team (Booth #B248)

The aquaculture industry is continually evolving, and AquaSur is the perfect venue to drive new awareness and interest among the best in the industry. The team at QRILL™ Aqua will be exhibiting at AquaSur for the first time ever and is excited to share all the new and exciting initiatives underway. Come meet the team at booth # B248 to learn more.


New study: Krill meal improves health and performance of salmonids

The future of aquaculture depends on sustainable and functional feed ingredients. The long-term sustainability of the aquaculture industry demands a viable range of alternative ingredients, to reduce the burden on fishmeal and fish oil for feeds. Antarctic krill products have emerged as strong contenders due to their sustainable sourcing and significant health benefits. In a recently released review article from Aker BioMarine, researchers conclude that Antarctic krill products have a positive impact on the feed intake, growth performance, fillet quality and organ health in salmonids, based on more than a decade of well-documented scientific studies and experimentation. This review article is a culmination of key findings from multiple studies on salmonids, to present a holistic overview of the specific benefits of krill meal on the fish growth, fillet quality, and organ health.


Aker BioMarine Opens Chile Based Entity

Aker BioMarine recently opened a Chile based entity for its aquaculture brand, QRILL™ Aqua. As a major growth market for the company, the team is excited to put down roots in the market to help grow its QRILL Aqua brand. In order to make an impact in this region, the team will work closely with local government, businesses, industry partners and customers to help build new relationships and to build business in Chile.


QRILL Aqua Sustainability Update

Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic krill fishery was recently awarded an A-rating from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) in the 2021 review. This marks the seventh consecutive year that the company received this recognition from SFP, an independent, non-profit organization responsible for the most up-to-date assessment of stocks and fisheries in the Pacific and Atlantic.

An A-rating from SFP is only achieved if the fishery earns more than eight points (out of 10 possible), indicating very well-managed fisheries. Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic krill fishery topped the list for the 2021 review, earning between eight to 10 points in all categories – the highest among the evaluated fisheries.


“At Aker BioMarine (QRILL Aqua), we are committed to the aquaculture industry here in Chile,” said Valentina Tapia, Director QRILL Sales Chile. “We are excited to be here at Aqua Sur Chile and to connect with experts who see the value in krill in aquaculture. From the growth and expansion of QRILL Aqua in Chile, to our new science and sustainability updates, we have a lot new information to share and this event is an excellent backdrop for our company and team.”

Looking to hear more about QRILL Aqua? Come meet our team at booth #B248