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QRILL Aqua team to give visitors a “taste” of the krill difference during VIV Asia

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Aker BioMarine’s QRILL Aqua team will be at stand #3666 at the global VIV Asia trade show in Bangkok from 8-10 March 2023.

VIV Asia is a “complete feed to food” global trade show with nearly 1,250 exhibitors from across the animal protein supply chain. The purpose of the event is to bring together both suppliers and buyers to raise awareness on topics such as animal feed and health and how to improve results for meat producers.

As a leading functional ingredient for the aquaculture industry, QRILL Aqua will be present at the event with a stand where visitors can learn more about the power of Antarctic krill to boost the health and nutrition of farmed seafood.

“Visitors can simply look for the bright orange QRILL Aqua logo at stand 3666. All visitors who stop by the stand between 11.30 – 13.00 on the 8-9 March will get a taste of the best Norwegian salmon, raised on a nutritious feed with QRILL Aqua inside,” says Chaiyot Rawekchom, Regional Sales Director for Aker BioMarine, who will be on site at VIV Asia.


Aker BioMarine brings its science-based approach to VIV Asia

On Wednesday, 8 March, from 11.00 – 11.30, right before the fresh salmon is served, Aker BioMarine scientist Dr. Lena Burri will address the crowd to talk about what makes krill such a unique ingredient. She will run through the important nutrients found in krill, including its phospholipid advantage, omega-3 fatty acids and the astaxanthin that contributes to improved color and flesh quality in the meat.

Lena is an expert on shrimp in particular, and she will deep dive into krill’s role in improving the growth performance of shrimp, as well as how farmers can achieve better outcomes, also in terms of cost.

 VIV Asia booth activities

QRILL Aqua sales team on site and ready to chat about the benefits of krill

The QRILL Aqua stand will be staffed by the company’s sales team from India and Southeast Asia, who will be ready to answer questions and share experiences on the role of krill creating better results across the aquaculture industry.


“We are excited to be present at this major industry event in Asia, as it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the needs of the industry and discuss ways that QRILL Aqua can improve results. We are a science-based company, which is why we’ll be sharing our research and findings about the nutritional qualities of krill and how it can improve results for aquaculture producers,” adds Rawekchom.

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