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QRILL Aqua crew to attend major aquaculture conference in Southeast Asia this summer

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Aker BioMarine will reveal new findings on krill meal’s impact on shrimp growth at Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2024 in Indonesia and at the Aker BioMarine Seminar hosted in Bangkok.


The first stop on the QRILL Aqua teams summer schedule is Surabaya, Indonesia – where the Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2024 (APA) will be hosted from July 2-5. This is a one of the largest meeting places for the international aquaculture community, where attendees will get the latest insight on the growing Indonesian aquaculture industry.

At the show, Aker BioMarine will be represented by its full Southeast Asia QRILL Aqua team, including Indonesia-based Bawanta Widya Suta, the company’s Aquaculture Sales Manager in Animal Health and Nutrition, as well as Chaiyot Raweckhom, the Regional Sales Director, and Panukorn Totubtim, the Technical Sales Manager.

APA 2024: focus on sustainability in the shrimp industry


On Friday, July 5 13:20 o clock, Dr. Alberto Nunes, a LABOMAR professor, will take the stage at APA 2024 to present the findings from a recent study on sustainability in the shrimp industry in relation to feed formulations.


“I will present the findings from our 2024 study that analyzed the ideal mix ratio of krill meal and fish meal required to stimulate feed intake and growth performance in whiteleg shrimp. We approached this study with a focus on cost efficiency and sustainability of the feed ingredients, which corresponds with the industry’s ongoing trend to achieve greater sustainability and efficiency through the reduced utilization of critical resources,” says Dr. Nunes.


>>Join this session: Sustainability of the Shrimp Industry - Perspective of a Multispecies Animal Genetics Group 13:50 17:20 Crystal 1


Dr. Nunes will also take part in Indonesia Shrimp Farmer Day (a part of APA 2024), with a presentation during the Feed and Nutrients session on July 4. This is a one-day session dedicated to building and maintaining Indonesia’s competitiveness in the shrimp industry, with a spotlight on enhancing both the success and sustainability of the shrimp farming business.


Next stop: Aker BioMarine and USSEC’s seminar in Bangkok

On July 9, Aker BioMarine will team up with the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) to host a one day seminar dedicated to the role of soy protein and krill meal as aquafeed ingredients.


Dr. Nunes will be on-stage once again, showcasing results from a study that evaluated the effects of krill meal in shrimp feed formulations with high soy protein levels. This study analyzed the ideal amount of krill meal needed to maximize feed intake and shrimp growth performance.


Aker BioMarine will be represented by its Thailand-based team, including Chaiyot Raweckhom and Panukorn Totubtim, who will present both QRILL Aqua and Aker BioMarine to attendees.


“We are excited to host this seminar alongside USSEC, together sharing new insights and educational content that we believe can help drive both growth and sustainability across the shrimp industry in Southeast Asia,” says QRILL Aqua regional director Chaiyot Raweckhom.

>>If you are interested in joining the July 9 seminar in Bangkok during 8.30-12.00 at The Regis Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok

- reach out and we’ll save you a seat or register directly here: https://forms.gle/Y6HyPbNpzAQik71y


We want to meet you at APA! Simply reach out to set up an appointment below:

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