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New sales manager to strengthen presence in Chile and Ecuador

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Puerto Varas, February 2024. Aker BioMarine (AKBM), an innovative company specialized in biotechnology and Antarctic krill fishing, and dedicated to improve the health of both humans and the planet, informed the past February 1st that Marcelo Oyarzún Roa assumed the position of Technical Sales Manager for Chile and Ecuador.


As a Marine Biologist from Universidad Austral de Chile (UACH), with a Diploma in Sales Management and Strategy from Universidad de Chile, Marcelo Oyarzún has a successful career of two decades in the salmon industry. The beginnings of his career can be traced back to 2000 when he first arrived at Marine Harvest (now MOWI) in the production area. Six years later, he migrated to Skretting Chile, a company that produces food for aquaculture, where he worked first as technical assistant in the Commercial Department and later, since 2019, as product manager Fish Quality, where he stood out for the development of diverse and innovative projects for the clients.


“I am very happy to join a global company such as this, with a clear vision for the business, where I hope to drive a commercial strategy that is very client-oriented. I am very attracted to innovation and the work by AKBM is enormously inspiring to me, which is why I start this new challenge with plenty of enthusiasm”, declares Marcelo Oyarzún.


The new recruitment is a part of Aker BioMarine’s strengthened presence and focus on the region, and Chile and Ecuador.


“South America, with Chile and Ecuador particularly, is an important region for Aker BioMarine and the whole aquaculture industry. We’re therefore pleased to welcome our new colleague Marcelo Oyarzún to our company, and with his experience and competence build an even stronger presence in the region going forward”, says Sigve Nordrum, EVP Feed Ingredient at Aker BioMarine. c


After being designated as the Technical Sales Manager at Aker BioMarine, Marcelo Oyarzún will assume the challenge of representing the company in Chile and Ecuador, giving continuity to the implementation of the strategy and action plan defined for the region. As well, he will be responsible of encouraging the relationship with the clients of the feeding companies and communicate the results of the work done in R+D by AKBM.


“My professional life has always been linked to the deepening of the value proposals of the products I have been involved with, which has allowed me to form teams with different areas, internal or external, and achieved to manage solid projects. I have focused my career, mainly, to find solutions through a good strategy in the use of diets, therefore I understand the impact and importance of having the necessary nutrients to face the challenges associated with the intensive production of fish. In the last few years, my main focus has been on the quality of the final product, which is one of the big issues of today. I consider that a good feed is part of the solution that will advance us to an industry that is the most sustainable every day. This is why I am happy to contribute today with this objective from the other side”, reiterates the executive.



Currently, the most prominent product from Aker BioMarine in Chile is QRILL™ Aqua Total, considered a “super ingredient” because of its nutritional composition is very complete, containing functional nutrients as nucleotides, Omega 3 linked to phospholipids, astaxanthin, and cholesterol, among others.

Thanks to its composition, it is highly versatile since it allows to evaluate, together with the clients, different focuses for the feeding strategy, whether in functional diets, transference, or fattening. The benefits of QRILL ™ Aqua Total are focused on improving the health of the harvested fish and optimizing their productive performance, health, and well-being, which impacts the health of the people, which is one of the objectives of Aker BioMarine. Each of these attributes is documented by the R+D Department of the company, with publications open to the public.

To share this experience and solve doubts about QRILL™ Aqua Total, Aker BioMarine will participate this year in AquaSur 2024 (stand K-46), where Marcelo Oyarzún will be joined by Valentina Tapia, VP of Salmon Group in AKBM, who will travel to Chile especially for this event.

“Considering the challenges faced today by the salmon industry, we want to listen to our current and potential clients to understand their present and future needs, so we can reinforce our role as trusted and permanent partners”, states Marcelo Oyarzún.


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