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From triathletes to athletes of the sea – How nutrition elevates performance across species

This 40 minute webinar will highlight how nutrition plays a vital role in any winning strategy, whether it is to achieve a gold medal in the Norseman Xtreme triathlon or for the improved health and performance of farmed fish – the athletes of the sea. The biological mechanisms supporting human and animal performance might be more similar than you think, and krill is an important nutrient for all of us. 


If you want to maximize your performance gains, eventually you need to train smarter: with smarter movement, smarter eating and smarter recovery. Believe it or not, this advice works for aspiring athletes and farmed fish alike. Norseman winner 2019, Hans Christian Tungesvik will talk about his way to victory, his nutrition regime, and training process. Dr. Andreas Storsve and Dr. Tibiabin Benitez-Santana will discuss the beneficial package of nutrients coming from krill and the science behind krill-dependent performance gains in triathletes and farmed fish.


Key takeaways:

-The story of a winning triathlete and his experience with krill 

-Krill nutrients - effects on human and fish performance 

-Better understanding of the effects of krill on immune function, inflammation and muscle performance


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