QRILL Aqua traceability

Providing full traceability of our products

We take great pride in our fully transparent Antarctic krill harvesting operation, the starting point for our products’ 100% traceability. By controlling the entire supply chain, from harvesting krill and throughout our production, we are able to guarantee the highest level of quality for our krill-derived products. Customers and end-users can rely on our ability to trace all products back to the exact location at which the krill was caught, as recorded by the sophisticated GPS system onboard our modern factory trawlers.


Aker BioMarine is recognized for its eco-harvesting technology reducing by-catch to near-zero, being the first krill supplier to receive the MSC certification, and for bringing the entire industry together to work on sustainability. The Antarctic krill fishery has for the second year in a row received an “A” ranking from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership for having a biomass that is deemed to be in very good condition.


A strong regulated fishery 

In addition to internal efforts to ensure a sustainable fishery, the Antarctic Krill fishery is one of the world’s strongest regulated fisheries. All catches of krill is reported to CCAMLR (Commission of the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources), and compared to other fisheries where precautionary catch limits are set to 10% of the biomass the total allowable catch of Antarctic krill is set to 1% of the biomass. Together, the whole industry only fish 0.3% of the biomass in subarea 48, located around the Antarctic Peninsula, the Orkney Islands and South Georgia. The management of the fishery is very stable, as the consensus of 28 nations is needed to change the regulation.




Proud to be the first MSC-certified krill supplier

Ingredients that carry the blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label have demonstrated that they come from a fishery that meets the most stringent sustainability standards. Fisheries and manufacturers that are MSC certified are audited by independent, third-party evaluators. MSC certification guarantees that the marine resources are harvested using sustainable methods and that all products are traceable throughout the supply chain.


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