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From turtles to crocodiles.
QRILL Aqua is entering new waters.

QRILL Aqua improves the feed uptake and growth performance of many fresh-water fish and exotic animal species.


We are continuously working with aquaculture companies, institutes, and research facilities around the world to identify and document the specific benefits of QRILL Aqua-based diets.


Used in feed applications beginning with the starter food stage, QRILL Aqua has shown excellent results for a diverse range of species, including crocodiles, turtles, penguins, and various fresh water fish.


For example, QRILL Aqua is shown to encourage better feed uptake than competitors’ feed ingredients and to significantly improve Nile Tilapia growth.



Qrill Aqua is
proven to provide

  • Increased feed uptake

  • Faster growth

  • Healthier fish


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