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Aker BioMarine and QRILL Aqua in the press. Here is the latest news and press releases.

Aker BioMarine to combine Norwegian and Chinese technology when building its new support vessel in China

-This is the beginning of a unique collaboration bringing together innovative technologies and high-tech competencies from both Norwegian and Chinese companies, says Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine.

Study Looks to Improve Performance of the World’s Toughest Triathletes

Aker BioMarine, Pure Science Triathlon team and Norseman have pioneered a study that examines the effects of krill oil omega-3s on athletic performance and recovery.

Aker BioMarine Supports Antarctic Ecosystem Research with USD 1 Million

Today, at Our Ocean conference in Malta, Aker BioMarine announced its commitment to support the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) with USD 1 million (EUR 830.000) over the next five years. The grant will further AWR’s work on promoting and facilitating research on the Antarctic ecosystem. 

På fiske for Røkke i Argentina fikk maskinsjefen en ide

På fiske for Røkke i Argentina fikk maskinsjefen en idé | iLaks

Read the article from in Norwegian on how new technology will enable new Aker BioMarine vessel stabelising. 

Aker BioMarine and Neptune close $US34 million agreement

Aker BioMarine and Neptune announce closing of $US34 million transaction to accelerate business and industry development.

Norway's most innovative business

We have been awarded the prize as Norway’s most innovative company by Innovasjonsmagasinet.


Aker BioMarine to Build New Krill Vessel

Aker BioMarine has commissioned a new environmentally-friendly krill fishing vessel for NOK 1 billion. The vessel will be constructed in Norway by VARD

14. February 2017, Oslo - Aker BioMarine has awarded a contract to VARD to build a state-of-the-art krill fishing vessel that will fish in the Antarctic.

“This is the largest single contract VARD has ever received for a fishing vessel, and we are very happy to have entered a shipbuilding contract with them. This will also contribute to securing Norwegian jobs in the future,” says Webjørn Eikrem, EVP Production and Supply Chain at Aker BioMarine.

Aker BioMarine Releases 2016 Annual Report

Aker BioMarine Releases 2016 Annual Report - AkerBioMarine

Aker BioMarine Named Norway’s Most Innovative Business

June 14, 2017, Oslo – Aker BioMarine, a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill harvesting company dedicated to improving human and planetary health, has been named as Norway’s most innovative company by Innovasjonsmagasinet, Norway’s leading innovation magazine.

QRILL Aqua Product Areas

For salmonoids

For salmonids, QRILL Aqua is proven to improve feed uptake and speed up growth. The fish becomes healthier and fillet quality is much better. There’s a reason the world’s most successful salmon farming companies raise their salmon on feed made with QRILL Aqua.

For Shrimp

For shrimp, QRILL Aqua and Astaxanthin Oil is proven to increase feed uptake resulting in faster growing, healthier, and tastier shrimp that look great. Whether your shrimp farming goal is to speed up growth, improve health, and enhance the final product’s taste — or maximize uptake during the starter feed stage — there is a tried and tested QRILL product.

Marine Fish

for fish

QRILL Aqua is used to enhance feed uptake and growth performance of many marine fish species, such as sea bass or sea bream. The world’s most successful marine fish farming companies rely on feed made with QRILL Aqua.