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By Tone Laila Solstad, May 08, 2019

You might know what krill is and why you should include krill in your feed. But do you know how we are making QRILL Aqua or how it is to be a fisherman in the Antarctica? Below you will find QRILL Aqua's 5 most read blog posts.

Some of your questions regarding krill will be answered by reading the blogs. We will start from the bottom and count down to the most read blog post. Enjoy!





5. 7 reasons to include krill in shrimp feed QRILL Aqua - 7 reasons to include krill in shrimp feed

Shrimp is in high demand, as a result the industry has gone from small - scale to high intensity, commercial farming. Due to its increase, the demand for sustainable protein and cost- effective resources in shrimp feed is much needed. Krill is a sustainable and natural protein source. Why should you include krill in shrimp feed? Here are 7 reasons why.  


4. Antarctic krill - a sustainable protein source for fish and shrimp

QRILL Aqua - Antarctic krill - a sustainable protein source

Krill is one of the most abundant species on earth, with restrict harvesting in order to maintain krill as a sustainable source. But how is krill a sustainable protein source for fish and shrimp? We tell how and why with additional facts on krill in this blogpost. 



3. How we’re making QRILL Aqua QRILL Aqua - how we're making QRILL Aqua

You might be familiar with our product QRILL Aqua or have read about the benefits of krill. But do you know how we’re making QRILL Aqua or that our vessels have full facilities on - board to make QRILL product? We will show you how it is done here.


2. The story of a true fishermen

QRILL Aqua - The story og a true fisherman

Imagine being away from your loved ones for months, in the wilderness and harsh conditions of Antarctica. Surrounded by breathtaking nature and vast ocean. Former captain, Frank Grebbestad tells us how he experienced over 30 years as a fisherman.



1. Five fun facts on krillQRILL Aqua - Five fun facts on krill

Perhaps you know the nutritional benefits of krill or why it is a good source of protein for fish and shrimp. But did you know that krill swarms are visible from space? We have collected five fun and less known facts about krill.


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