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Triathletes and Salmon Are More Related Than What We Think. Why?

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Having krill in the diet improves performance across species. This lead to an unusual, but exciting visit of the Norwegian professional long distance triathlete, Hans Christian Tungesvik, to our partner BioMar during the AquaSur 2018 International Fair in Chile. Read this blog with Hans Christian’s own words on his experience as well as the link between himself and salmon performance.


You might wonder, how a professional athlete can contribute in the most important aquaculture event in the Southern Hemisphere? Well - it is all about the “extreme”.

– I was invited by BioMar Chile to participate in the launch of new diets for salmon, called Power Xtreme. I presented my positive experience from the largest triathlon team in Norway, Team Pure Science and the audience loved to discover how having krill supplements has enhanced my high triathlon performance and remarkably reduced my days off training due to sickness.

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Salmon feed and Hans Chrstian Tungesvik  

I also presented results obtained in the Norseman 2017 study (toughest race ever!) conducted by Aker BioMarine. The main result showed that higher omega-3 levels reduce the time getting back to intensive training after such an intense and extreme race. As a professional athlete, quick recovery is the key and I can say I am a krill believer. Upon my speech, Director R&D Fish Nutrition in Aker BioMarine, Tibiabin Benitez-Santana, showed the krill connections between humans, dogs and salmon when it comes to high performance. It is very interesting to see how humans and salmon are more related than I thought. Muscle damage is a big issue when you train but also salmon suffer from it, translated to gaping in the fillets.

"Muscle damage is a big issue when you train but also salmon suffer from it, translated to gaping in the fillets", Hans Christan Tungesvik


The event was a great success! I believe we were able to make the customers see the connection and importance of high-end nutrition for both humans and fish. We also launched a very cool challenge to the crowd - to join me in the IRONMAN 70.3 Bariloche, Argentina on March 10th 2019. I would plan a common course recon, talk about tips and tricks and do a pep talk in the days prior to the race, as well as a celebratory dinner after the race. The challenge raised quite some attention and we got lots of people to sign up!

To be honest, I am very grateful to be given such a meaningful task in terms of speaking to BioMar Chile and fish farmers. I really enjoyed being included in a project that was not exclusively connected to sports, but to science and business, and I learned a lot. I also got to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Chilean people, which I really appreciated.

I enjoyed this experience in every way possible! I am going back to the people of Puerto Varas already in March 2019 - and I can’t wait.

-Hans Christian-


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