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QRILL Aqua – the Ingredient

Blog overview

In Aker BioMarine we strive to make sure that our ingredients are of the finest quality available. We openly share our knowledge and experience with our partners to help ensure their success.


What is QRILL Aqua?

QRILL Aqua is prepared from an extract of ground whole Antarctic krill that is cooked and dried, resulting in a brownish-orange powder containing around 60 percent protein with a nutritionally well-balanced amino acid profile. It is a sustainable source of protein, omega-3 phospholipids, feed attractants and astaxanthin. The benefits of this ingredient in fish feeds are many:

  • Increased appetite
  • Enhanced growth
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased survival rates
  • Better filet quality


Watch the 1 minute film about our ingredient



Fresh and natural

QRILL Aqua products are all made from fresh krill and the crew harvest as long as the Antarctic seasons and CCMLAR regulatory allows. The fresh krill have different fat and protein content throughout the year. This is a result of their diet.

Early in the season – after feeding on algae – the krill are often low in fat but high in protein. Mid-season, fat content is higher as the krill is feeding on plankton. Seeing that QRILL Aqua products does not contain artificial components they therefore vary in nutrition values depending on the season of harvest.

Read more about benefits for salmon industry and marine species. Or download the booklet about benefits of krill for fish farming below.

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