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How Astaxanthin Functions in Different Shrimp Growth Stages

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Due to its characteristic advantages, astaxanthin krill oil inclusion into shrimp feed shows promise to improve growth performance at all developmental shrimp stages, from larval to broodstock. Learn how astaxanthin functions in the different stages of a shrimps life cycle.

Astaxanthin krill oil for different shrimp growth stages

Options to improve shrimp feed with astaxanthin krill oil are manifold and provide shrimp farmers with several possibilities to enhance shrimp feed intake and growth, boost immune system and disease resistance, or enhance pigmentation and omega-3 content of shrimp tails.


There are many ways to deliver astaxanthin krill oil to shrimp, which are summarized here:

possibilites to deliver astaxanthin to shrimpo

Read more about our natural performance supplement to increase astaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids in shrimp diets below:

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