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When End Customer Experience Matters

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All fish farmers wish to ensure high quality products. This is not only of great value for private customers, but also the restaurant industry – especially those serving raw fish.


See short film from a leading sushi restaurant:


Private consumer preferences

We recently conducted a consumer study of 806 respondents in Norway, researching buying habits and preferences on salmon. Findings showed that the main reasons for buying salmon is taste, and the fact that it is an easy dinner to prepare.

When choosing among salmon products, the consumers claimed that quality and nutrient level are most important. They buy fish based on the color of the fillet, as well as verification of high meat quality and taste. Salmon products would benefit from providing documented high values of proteins and nutrients as well as omega-3s.

In addition, matters concerning the sustainability of the fish and fish welfare are of importance and would influence buying behavior. If a product could guarantee sustainable practices and better nutrition levels, it would be preferred and consumers would be willing to pay more for such products.


Healthy fish equals high fillet quality

There is a saying “You are what you eat” and also seafood is influenced by the diets they are fed. A healthy diet with a right omega-3 and omega-6 balance will improve health and hence give better quality of the finished product. QRILL Aqua is rich in protein, omega-3 phospholipids and astaxanthin.

Better firmness, less gaping and fewer melanin spots are all positive effects that have been shown in fillets when using krill in the diet. 

Read more about the benefits of krill in shrimp feed here and on salmon feed here.  



The QRILL Aqua product family consists of functional ingredients for improving growth and health of fish, shrimp and other species in aquaculture. All products are made from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) that lives in the pure Antarctic waters. The krill is harvested, processed and packaged in the Southern Ocean (CCAMLR area 48) onboard our vessels.

From harvest to the table, providing quality is always at the core. Krill is harvested using the ECO-Harvesting technology to protect the environment from by-catch and ensure the supply of fresh quality krill. Our goal is to be able to provide krill that is sustainable, high standard and nutritious so that consumers all over the world can enjoy the finest fish on the market.

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