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Boosting health effects for salmon and athletes

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The future is looking bright for aquaculture going forward. With our health and the health of the planet in mind, salmon is considered to be a part of a preferable diet due to our needs for marine omega-3s and proteins. Aker BioMarine CEO, Matts Johansen believes that the salmon industry should focus even more on the positive health effects of eating salmon. "Many people think that all fish are the same, but there is a difference between fish fingers and a salmon fillet", he says.


What does Norseman athletes and salmon have in common?

Aker BioMarine work with krill and its positive health effects on humans, pets and seafood as salmon. Scientific results in all areas show that krill contributes to better health.


“Recently, a new study from the triathlon competition Norseman revealed that the most important criteria to achieve great results is to train hard. The second most important criteria is to have good levels of omega-3 in the body. Omega-3 is shown to be even more important than injures and the "sports genes" one has”, Matts Johansen says.


Omega-3 is important to both human health and fish health. Krill contains phospholipid omega-3s and both people and salmon can benefit from products from the little crustacean.


I believe that the salmon industry should focus even more on the positive health effects of eating salmon,

Matts Johansen, CEO Aker BioMarine


Read Norwegian interview with CEO Matts Johansen in Intrafish on the positive effects on quality salmon fed on krill here.


The Norseman study further showed that in addition to performing better, athletes with sufficient levels of omega-3 also recovered faster and they were less sick. These findings are interesting for all athletes. Relatable results has been shown on salmon. Matts says: “We see that the salmon with inclusion of krill in their feed perform better than those who don't have it”.


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What influences end consumers when buying salmon?

We recently conducted a consumer study on 806 respondents in Norway, researching consumer habits and preferences on salmon. When choosing among salmon products, the consumers claimed that quality and nutrient level are most impactful. In addition, matters concerning the sustainability of the fish and fish welfare are of great importance and would influence their buying behavior. If a product could guarantee better nutrition levels and better sustainability, it would be preferred and consumers would be willing to pay more.

Matts Johansen believes in product differentiation and room for price variance, as seen in the chicken and meat industry. In the U.S, stores as Whole Foods have influenced other grocery stores to have a greater focus on quality and sustainability. A lot has happened in only 3-4 years. Big changes are happening and in Aker BioMarine, we want to influence and facilitate for such products and help farmers get higher prices for their salmon.


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