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7 milestones for QRILL Aqua in 2021

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It has certainly been a year to remember for QRILL™ Aqua! Here are some of our  achievements of 2021. 


1. Published research shows it…again

Aker BioMarine is no stranger to scientific studies. We are constantly seeking more knowledge about the effects of krill when included in animal feeds. In 2021, one study analyzed European sea bass, to better understand if QRILL Aqua could successfully replace fishmeal in their diets. The team concluded that yes indeed, krill meal is a sustainable solution that positively impacts growth performance, feed utilization and liver metabolism.


2. It’s not just sea bass, krill’s effects go across species

The studies don’t stop with sea bass. Aker BioMarine and leading aquaculture scientists from renowned institutions are studying the krill effects on everything from shrimp to salmon to even dogs! For all studies in 2021 and prior, scientists concluded that for any species, krill promotes better growth performance, enhances survival, and stimulates overall health in the animal.


3. A new and updated place for krill-enthusiasts to gather

For all those wondering what krill is, what exactly it contains and how it can be used in feed for farmed species world over, look no further than QrillAqua.com. Our newly upgraded website is bursting with information on this tiny crustacean and its place as an essential marine feed ingredient.


4. The blue MSC label sticks with us in 2021

We may have been re-certified in 2020, but we’re still proud of it in 2021! The blue Marine Stewardship council (MSC) label is a sign of trust, one that our customers and suppliers can rely on. Aker BioMarine and the QRILL Aqua team are proud supporters of MSC because we know that we must do our best to merit this certification, continuing to provide a sustainable solution for fish farmers and doing our part to save the oceans.


5. CICERO Shades of Green gave us their green stamp of approval

CICERO Shades of Green, a leading and independent environmental assessment provider of green and sustainability bond frameworks, concluded in 2021 that “Antarctic krill is a source of sustainable aquaculture feed with positive climate contribution potential”. Our stringent standards when it comes to krill harvesting and our use of technology to limit by-catch and operate more efficiently were important factors in earning this honor.


6. We met the global demand

The Aker BioMarine crew came through with the krill in 2021! The last delivery of QRILL Aqua meal was offloaded in Germany and Norway and was enough to meet the demand from European fish farmers for the remainder of the year, and then some.


7. We’re well-positioned to meet the nutritional needs for fish, shrimp, and other species in 2022

In 2021, we published articles on the effects of krill meal on the growth performance of various species. And just about every time, we learn something about the various benefits that this nutrient-packed ingredient delivers for several different species. Rich in fatty acids and marine proteins, QRILL Aqua is helping farmers to reduce feed waste, improve growth performance, and generally raise healthier animals and eliminate diseases. Fish meal is increasingly difficult to source and costly to use, which is why krill meal is stepping up as the supplement of choice. We expect big things from this tiny superfood in 2022!