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Read how krill can benefit aquaculture.

Astaxanthin krill oil serves as stand-out ingredient for developing shrimp

Astaxanthin krill oil is a healthy and sustainable dietary supplement, appealing to shrimp farmers who seek a healthy stock and rapid animal growth.

Krill for 4 legged athletes as well as fish and shrimp

Aker BioMarine is dedicated to science, researching the effects of krill on humans, pets, farmed fish and shrimp. Across species, krill is proven to have beneficial traits for health and performance. One of the focus areas over the past years has been in dog mushing, where top trained dogs run some of the toughest sled dog races on the planet.


Krill meal enhances growth of Pacific white shrimp, according to new research

Krill is an important source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and feed attractants which makes it a great ingredient in feeds for shrimp. Research is constantly done to learn how its dietary inclusion can give the best results. Late 2019, a study concluded that krill in fishmeal-challenged diets resulted in:

The story of a true fisherman

Aker BioMarine is harvesting krill in the wilderness of Antarctica. Here fishermen are operating in tough conditions while experiencing beautiful nature and fishery offered by the sea. Former captain, Frank Grebstad, takes a look back at his time on our vessels, Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea.  

AquaCulture America 2020

February 9th to 12th, Aquaculture America, opens its doors to welcome all who wants to gain insights of aquaculture. This year the conference will be held in Waikiki on Oahu Island, where you can almost walk out of your session and onto the beach! 

10 reasons why krill meal is a must for your salmon feed

QRILL Aqua is made from whole Antarctic krill, which contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in phospholipid form. High palatability and nutrient composition make krill a key ingredient to formulate a modern salmon diet. Not convinced?

Here are 10 reasons why krill meal should be an essential ingredient for your salmon feed.

7 reasons to include krill in shrimp feed

Continued growth of shrimp farming and a change from low-intensity, small-scale to high-intensity, commercial farming has increased the need for sustainable protein and cost-effective sources in shrimp feeds. Krill is a sustainable and natural protein source. It is a functional ingredient with different nutrients highly beneficial for shrimp. In addition, shrimp like the taste of krill. This makes krill a very interesting ingredient. In this article we offer 7 specific reasons why you should include krill in your shrimp feed.

QRILL Aqua - the ingredient

In Aker BioMarine we strive to make sure that our ingredients are of the finest quality available. We openly share our knowledge and experience with our partners to help ensure their success.

Will you attend Aquaculture Europe?

October 7th to 10th, Aquaculture Europe , opens its doors for 3 full days in Berlin. This year the conference will focus on “Our Future Growing from Water” a highly relevant topic with a world-population in constant growth. As a result, we continuously add pressure to our global food systems - leading farms to a ramp up production, in order to keep pace with the growing demand.

QRILL Aqua product areas

For salmonoids

For salmonids, QRILL Aqua is proven to improve feed uptake and speed up growth. The fish becomes healthier and fillet quality is much better. There’s a reason the world’s most successful salmon farming companies raise their salmon on feed made with QRILL Aqua.

For Shrimp

For shrimp, QRILL Aqua and Astaxanthin Oil is proven to increase feed uptake resulting in faster growing, healthier, and tastier shrimp that look great. Whether your shrimp farming goal is to speed up growth, improve health, and enhance the final product’s taste — or maximize uptake during the starter feed stage — there is a tried and tested QRILL product.

Marine Fish

for fish

QRILL Aqua is used to enhance feed uptake and growth performance of many marine fish species, such as sea bass or sea bream. The world’s most successful marine fish farming companies rely on feed made with QRILL Aqua.