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Read how krill can benefit aquaculture.

Let’s meet in Chennai, India at APA 2019!

In a couple of weeks, the event, Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2019 (APA19) will open its doors in Chennai, India. Aker BioMarine has an exciting program and booth hosted by various experts. Hope to see you there!

Krill, a natural and functional feed attractant in shrimp feed

Why shrimp prefer the taste of Euphausia superba

Krill meal is in itself a natural attractant, and as a chemostimulant helps increase the duration shrimp spend feeding, and by connection the amount eaten (Derby et al. 2016). Krill meal contains chitin from the exoskeleton, soluble compounds, such as trimethylamine oxide, as well as free amino acids and nucleotides. This combination, naturally found in Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, is proven to help increase both feed attractability and palatability. To put it in simple terms, shrimp just likes the taste of krill. The result is enhanced shrimp growth and yield, meaning shrimp spend less time in the ponds and get to market faster.

Our 5 most read blog posts about krill

You might know what krill is and why you should include krill in your feed. But do you know how we are making QRILL Aqua or how it is to be a fisherman in the Antarctica? Below you will find QRILL Aqua's 5 most read blog posts.

Introducing a Sustainable Marine Ingredient in aquaculture

An ever-growing world population is continuously putting pressure on global food systems. For the aquaculture sector, this means ever brisker business, with the World Resources Institute estimating that it alone will need to ramp up production by up to 2 million tons annually, just to keep pace with growing demand. It’s of course good news for the industry, and for the balance sheet, but, pardon the pun, there’s a catch.

QRILL Aqua reduces costly ingredients in shrimp diets

Sustainable and effective ingredients are key in aquaculture today. Challenges are that feed raw materials can fluctuate in price, quality and availability. But adding QRILL Aqua to the diet, provides opportunities to feed producers as they reduce or exclude some of these ingredients.

Krill performance for all

Sports performance is exactly what it sounds like. It is training designed specifically to improve an individual’s performance within their sport, including any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. This means that endurance exercise adheres strictly to the principle of specificity: the body will adapt in direct relation to the stressors placed on it. So, move, eat, rest, repeat makes for a decent training plan, up to a point. However, if you want to maximize your performance gains, eventually you need to train smarter: smarter movement, smarter eating and smarter recovery. Believe it or not, this advice works for aspiring athletes, man’s best friend – the dog, and farmed aquatic animals (fish and shrimp) alike.

Triathletes and salmon are more related than what we think. Why?

Having krill in the diet improves performance across species. This lead to an unusual, but exciting visit of the Norwegian professional long distance triathlete, Hans Christian Tungesvik, to our partner BioMar during the AquaSur 2018 International Fair in Chile. Read this blog with Hans Christian’s own words on his experience as well as the link between himself and salmon performance.

How to beat the shrimp blues with krill

Numerous consumer studies, and surveys of processors and importers, including two separate independent reports on US and UK buying attitudes conducted in January 2018, supported by AKBM, show that color is a key factor for consumers, when buying shrimps.  

New study shows potential future of aquaculture feed

With both fish meal and fish oil suffering from price issues, along with concerns over sustainability, the search for suitable aquaculture feed ingredients to replace them is constant. A new study shows that the amount of fish meal can be reduced, if krill meal is added to feed, with growth performance actually improving.  

QRILL Aqua product areas

For salmonoids

For salmonids, QRILL Aqua is proven to improve feed uptake and speed up growth. The fish becomes healthier and fillet quality is much better. There’s a reason the world’s most successful salmon farming companies raise their salmon on feed made with QRILL Aqua.

For Shrimp

For shrimp, QRILL Aqua and Astaxanthin Oil is proven to increase feed uptake resulting in faster growing, healthier, and tastier shrimp that look great. Whether your shrimp farming goal is to speed up growth, improve health, and enhance the final product’s taste — or maximize uptake during the starter feed stage — there is a tried and tested QRILL product.

Marine Fish

for fish

QRILL Aqua is used to enhance feed uptake and growth performance of many marine fish species, such as sea bass or sea bream. The world’s most successful marine fish farming companies rely on feed made with QRILL Aqua.