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Read how krill can benefit aquaculture.

QRILL Aqua - a high quality ingredient for fish and shrimp feed

Continued growth of aquaculture and the change from small-scale to high intensity, industrial farming has increased the need for sustainable protein sources in both shrimp and fish feeds. QRILL Aqua, from Antarctic Krill, is used in fish and shrimp feed around the world. It functions as a sustainable attractant and growth accelerator. Read about the aquaculture market and the potential of krill meal as a feed ingredient below.

How we use sustainability as a winning strategy

We have incorporated UNs sustainability goals as a central part of our strategy. Read this interview with Anne Ågård Syversen, Head of Sales for Asia Pacific and Cilia Holmes Indahl, Sustainability Director, on how the organization has been able to do this and how we work to have the entire industry do the same.

How to use Astaxanthin Krill Oil in Shrimp Diets

Astaxanthin krill oil from Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS is produced from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba). It is an interesting feed ingredient for shrimp containing no protein, but neutral lipids, omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin. Read about its beneficial effects and how it can be used in high performance shrimp feed.

Harvesting krill for QRILL Aqua

All Qrill Aqua products origin from the pristine waters of the Antarctica. Here our vessels are harvesting krill in a beautiful landscape and special scenery. Doing the fishery right in all aspects is of essence, such as treating the scenery we work in with respect. Get a glimpse into the krill fishery of Aker BioMarine.


Safeguarding Fish Health with Krill

It’s simple. For any fishery to continue fishing, it is important not to overfish the very source they depend on. With the increasing pressure on aquaculture to feed the growing population, the need for sustainably sourced marine ingredients has never been greater. Feed producers and fish farmers play a unique role in setting the standard for sustainability in fish feed, by choosing feeds that promote both fish health and the future of fisheries.

7 reasons to include krill in shrimp feed

Continued growth of shrimp farming and a change from low-intensity, small-scale to high-intensity, commercial farming has increased the need for sustainable protein and cost-effective sources in shrimp feeds. Krill is a sustainable and natural protein source. It is a functional ingredient with different nutrients highly beneficial for shrimp. In addition, shrimp like the taste of krill. This makes krill a very interesting ingredient. In this article we offer 7 specific reasons why to include krill in your shrimp feed.

The story of a true fisherman

Aker BioMarine is harvesting krill in the wilderness of Antarctica. Here fishermen are operating in tough conditions while experiencing beautiful nature and fishery offered by the sea. Former captain, Frank Grebstad, takes a look back at his time on our vessels, Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea.  

Omega-3 vs Omega-6 - do fish need both?

As with humans, a strong immune system is vital for fish to maintain good health. When the immune system is weakened, the body does not function well and one tends to be prone to illness. If so, recovering from illness is even harder.  Let’s take a look at a scientific approach to why this is the case.

5 reasons why krill is such a popular ingredient in fish feed

Productive fish farming depends on healthy fish. A healthy and robust fish with a strong immune system resists disease better. A way to influence a fish’s immune system is through the diet. It is of utmost importance to include the best ingredients that optimize both growth performance and health. In addition, there are external variables influencing the feed choices made such as ‘What does the end consumers ask for? Which parameters give the most value when selling fish?’

QRILL Aqua product areas

For salmonoids

For salmonids, QRILL Aqua is proven to improve feed uptake and speed up growth. The fish becomes healthier and fillet quality is much better. There’s a reason the world’s most successful salmon farming companies raise their salmon on feed made with QRILL Aqua.

For Shrimp

For shrimp, QRILL Aqua and Astaxanthin Oil is proven to increase feed uptake resulting in faster growing, healthier, and tastier shrimp that look great. Whether your shrimp farming goal is to speed up growth, improve health, and enhance the final product’s taste — or maximize uptake during the starter feed stage — there is a tried and tested QRILL product.

Marine Fish

for fish

QRILL Aqua is used to enhance feed uptake and growth performance of many marine fish species, such as sea bass or sea bream. The world’s most successful marine fish farming companies rely on feed made with QRILL Aqua.